Thriving: 10 Things (almost)
Jun 1, 2020
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  1. TWIL (This Week I Learned.)

This week I learned about thriving.  Thriving? Yes. I schedule these out now weeks in advance and consider my podcast guest when I choose the week’s theme.

This week, in fact in 2 hours, I am speaking with Dr. Nancia Leath. I have known Nancia for years as a mentor and now friend. Her professional focus is on Thriving so the theme seemed ideal when I chose it.

A couple hours ago, I nearly canceled this entire week. There is a movement to cancel podcasts this week in order to make sure that we can hear the signal by quieting the noise.

And then I remembered that not only is Dr. Leath my mentor and friend and an expert on how to thrive no matter what…

She also happens to be an African American leader.

I am going to move things around a bit this week. I am waiting to write the final draft of this newsletter until after I speak with her. I will be sending a full version of 10 Things at 1:00 this afternoon, Pacific Time.

Until then, be well.

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Love to all — practice kindness.

Wild  and Precious Podcast, the audio partner to 10 Things, is available  everywhere you download podcasts. Thrive episode Thursday. I am blessed to have a conversation with a mentor of mine, Dr. Nancia Leath.

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