10 Things #8
Jan 27, 2020
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TWIL (This Week I Learned.)

This week I learned more about exposure. How do we feel when we’re exposed? It depends, doesn’t it? It was an experience being quite uncomfortably cold in the snow that prompted reflection on exposing myself to the elements, other people, new experiences…etc.


“If I am feeling depressed and anxious and worried about the  environment,” Warber said, “then one of the best things I can do is go  out in nature.” — Sara L. Warber, professor of family medicine at the University of Michigan, quoted by Jim Robbins in Ecopsychology: How Immersion in Nature Benefits Your Health


“If I am feeling depressed and anxious and worried about … one of the best things I can do is …”


According to the article I quoted, it takes 120 minutes of exposure to nature to feel the benefits. And the benefits are huge. Try to log at least 120 minutes in nature - immersed in nature - this week.


January 27, 1945 — Auschwitz is liberated.

  1. POD (Poem of the day — Exposure by Wilfred Owen about WW1. It’s a bit dark, but a great reminder of how it feels to be utterly exposed. )
  2. Song (Exposure.)
  3. Video. (Short and extremely immature look at getting paid for your work with “exposure”.)
  4. Hero: Chani Nichols, Social Justice Astrologer.
    Why?  She uses a trite over-exposed talking point: astrology — for good. She’s got over 100,000 followers on Instagram and she’s continuously prodding them to action. Helping to lift us out of a navel-gazing stance and into the world.
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